These neon signs and lights were in an exhibition in Brighton at the No Walls gallery. There’s something about neon lights and colours that draws people in and in the simple white walled gallery, the neon lights completely took over the room and pulled you in. The letterforms and lights were collected from all around and put together to create quite and surreal experience in this small gallery.


I have seen Alan Kitching’s work multiple times all around the country at different exhibitions. I am always amazed by how beautiful his prints look and the textures made from each layer of print. I love his use of placement and composition and how each layer creates such depth and shadow. The colours are contrasting and bright and the white background of each print makes sure the colours look as good as they possibly could.
Alan Kitching’s work is so inspirational and one of the reasons why I love printing so much. It’s so much more satisfying creating a multiple layer print that is time consuming and considered, and after seeing the end result you remember why it’s so much better than creating work on the computer. You can sense the amount of time and effort that has gone into each piece from the quality of the prints.

record cover redesign: sandinista by the clash

My inspiration for the album cover came from the different places where the band were situated whilst the album was being written: London, Manchester, New York and Jamaica. I wanted the cover to represent what was going on in all the different cities at the time the album was being produced. The album included three double sided vinyl records so the end product was a triple album where three 12″ records would fit.

inside triple covertriple cover 2